State Price Agreement New Mexico

NMSU purchases may be made on the basis of competitive price agreements. In addition to bids or tenders issued by the university, NMSU has the legal opportunity to acquire government agencies under agreements entered into by other New Mexico government agencies, similar government agencies, and purchasing cooperatives that expressly allow other institutions (such as NMSU) to rely on their agreements. Telecommunications services – National (remote) agreements on hotel prices are available here: The companies listed below have agreements in which university purchases can be made. Not all agreements listed by these companies are available to NMSU. A buyer of Procurement Services can decide if this is a pricing agreement that the university can rely on. The list below is not exhaustive, but it contains a large number of companies whose pricing agreements are most frequently used by NMSU. (This list is subject to change without notice.) Get the “best value” for acquisitions by adhering to the New Mexico Purchasing Code, providing training, reaching out to suppliers, cooperating with all executive agencies, enriching the Chief Procurement program, ensuring a fair and open purchasing process, and continually maximizing benefits to the state. The table below shows New Mexico State University`s current pricing agreements for goods and services. Purchases under $3000 under the NMSU pricing agreements listed below can be made with a PCard.

Please check the table regularly, as this list is subject to frequent changes. If the total purchase is $3,000 or more, please enter a banner order request so that a Procurement Services buyer can assist with the purchase. . 1.4.7 NMAC Suspension or exclusion of bidders, suppliers or contractors Please contact Cesar Alvarado to discuss the products and services you are interested in and obtain an offer for your order. ORDERS MUST SHOW THE NEW MEXICO GENERAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT STATEWIDE PRICE AGREEMENTS # 90-805-18-16741 characters; screens; identification products; Traffic control devices Vehicle maintenance repairs Parts and works Fire cutting Sprinkler systems Maintenance / Service Automotive & Heavy Equipment Filter (oil, air, gas, etc.) Mainframe Components, Mainframe Services, Mainline Information Systems Distribution Systems Premise Low Voltage Cabling Products and Services – Corporate Technology Solutions, LLC dba Sandia. The State Purchasing Department of the General Services Division is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.. . .

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