Seminole State College Of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Union and the College agree to use BWI strategies and techniques to collectively agree on salaries, hours and conditions. The following elements of the BWI process, which must be used by the parties: collective bargaining is the process with which the Union and the college meet, discuss and agree on hours, wages and conditions of employment. “While it is disappointing that the government has not accepted an electoral process at Valencia College, we are pleased that our Seminole State colleagues are moving closer to the transformation of higher education in Florida,” said Ryan Rilea, associate professor of political science at Valencia College. “We will continue to organize because we know that our fight for more investment in the public university system starts with a union on our campus.” While Florida has become a symbol of challenges in the university system, it has also become the center of a growing movement to organize for change. Over the past two years, professors have formed their unions at Hillsborough University College, Broward College and the University of South Florida. Faculty at Valencia College, Seminole State College and Miami Dade College recently submitted to their unions and others are actively organizing throughout the state. The announcers, part of the expansion of the SEIU Faculty Forward movement, called on political candidates to debate governors and City Hall meetings in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Miami to commit to investing in both students and educators by supporting free university. Under section 25 of the CBA with UFF-Seminole, members of the rate unit are entitled to the same benefits as all other full-time workers in the college. In addition, the KBA provides that any action by the Board of Directors that changes the provisions of the college`s performance program or any of the performance plan`s descriptive documents is included in the reference agreement. Benefits are reviewed by the Workers` Benefits Committee (NCE).

The KBA provides that uff-Seminole appoint three members of the unit to the EBC and that these representatives represent the interests of the bargaining unit in the performance of its duties as members of the Committee. Years of austerity in Tallahassee have led to a breakdown of the higher education system that leaves too much debt and poverty in Florida, say fellow professors. The state is 50th nationally for investment in public services and has suffered significant cuts in education. Funding for higher education decreased by more than 23 per cent over the previous year, while tuition fees increased by 62 per cent over the same period. Today, Floridians hold nearly $80 billion in student credit debt, and professors are so low paid that many need state assistance. Seminole State College of Florida is taking applications for a full-time maths teacher in our math department starting in the fall semester 2020. This is a position of negotiating unity on the road to the continuation of the treaty. The duration of the contract is 164 days (18-hour credit course each fall and spring); However, other contract terms may be available depending on the needs of the department. We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who demonstrate a high level of professionalism, a strong commitment to our students and a demonstrated ability to motivate and educate in a committed manner. Teaching tasks consist of courses related to mathematics. Seminole State College is an equal opportunity employer and strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, skin colour, religion, pregnancy, ethnicity, ethnicity, age, sex, sex, veteran status or military status, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status or other factors protected by federal laws. national and local rules and regulations in their programmes, activities and employment.

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