Overdraft Agreement Deutsch

The dollar amount of overdraft protection varies depending on the account and the bank. There are pros and cons to the use of overdraft protection. Often, the customer has to ask for the addition of overdraft protection. If overdraft protection is overuse, the financial institution may withdraw the coverage from the account. The largest control policy is common in major U.S. banks. [13] Banks argue that this is to avoid a customer`s most important transactions (for example. B a rental or mortgage review or a supply payment) will not be repaid without pay, although some of these transactions are guaranteed. Consumers have tried to prevent this practice and have argued that banks use the “biggest cheque first” to manipulate the order of transactions, to artificially trigger more overdraft fees, to collect.

Banks in the United States are primarily regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a federal authority that has formally approved the practice; However, this practice has recently been called into question as a result of numerous individual laws on state deception. [14] [15] In a group share, U.S. Bank Corporation entered into a US$55 million transaction agreement on January 16, 2014 on the practice of new transaction ordering (the higher than the lowest) when booking debit card transactions with debit account and the alleged impact of the order on the number of overdraft fees charged to account holders. [16] A disorderly overdraft (discovered) is a line of credit that allows customers to access additional funds when their agreed overdraft limit (disposition credit) is reached. Unlike an organized overdraft, a disorderly overdraft is not expressly granted by the bank or covered by an existing agreement between the bank and the customer. When a customer tries to make a payment that places them in a messy overdraft, the bank can either decide to give up the payment or refuse to pay. Bank deposit agreements generally provide that the bank enters into transactions in all orders, at the discretion of the bank. [17] With an overdraft account, a bank covers payments made by a customer that would otherwise be refused or, in the event of actual cheques, bounce back and be returned without payment.

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