Cash Management Agreements With Financial Institutions

In the management of the bank, treasury or cash management, this is a marketing concept for certain cash flow services, which are primarily offered to larger commercial clients. It can be used to describe all bank accounts (for example. B current accounts) that are made available to companies of a certain size, but it is more often used to describe certain services such as cash concentration, zero balance accounting and clearing houses. Sometimes private bank clients receive cash management services. You agree to have authorized the sending of an eft transaction: a) all information contained in the lot and (b) to waive any claim against the bank and to have released it as a result of errors in information that you have not corrected or that you have not corrected by the bank. You are responsible for the legal review. The Bank is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to you or directly on the Internet. Before initiating the first entry with a debiteur, you agree to receive such a customer authorization in order to initiate items on the customer`s account that must be authorized in accordance with the rules. You agree to make a copy of their permission available to each customer. Any recall can only be made on the basis of such an authorization and cannot open the entry after the revocation of such authorization or the termination of the agreement between you and that customer. You agree to retain eligible client authorizations for two years after closing and other registration documents for a period of two years and agree to provide us with these authorizations and all related documents immediately, upon request.

If a payment order is described, the recipient may be inconsistent by name and account number (i) Payment can be made on the basis of the account number, even if it identifies a person different from the designated recipient after B.C., or (ii) the bank may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept or return the payment order. If a payment order describes a participating financial institution inconsistently by name and identification number, the identification number can be used as a correct identification of the financial institution. When a payment order identifies a non-existent or unidentifiable person or a non-identity account as the recipient or account of the recipient, the bank may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept or return the payment order. (ii) to obtain from customers up-to-date lists of all associated companies, accounts and authorized users designated under this agreement, as well as other information about these related companies, designated authorized accounts and users, as the designated associate organization considers it necessary; You will work with the Bank and provide the Bank with all the information the Bank can reasonably request in order to verify your identity or your staff, your representatives or other owners or representatives.

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